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Who knows you better than you know yourself? You live with yourself 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and about 365 days a year. Remember that you are the expert when it comes down to knowing yourself.
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MasterFlow is an idea high-fived and maintained by Robert J. Escandon and Ashley Escandon. MasterFlow Productions is a development company innovating in education, therapeutic approaches and media. We are here to remind you that your ideas can BEND REALITY!

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MasterFlow Productions is a Development and Production company offering its services to other companies and individuals that are determined to go above and beyond industry norms. Our areas of expertise vary, but are strongly focused on film, audio book production and business development. All our pricing depends on your budget and the content of the project. Go to the Menu and click on the page.

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Check out our shop. We have books, films and other goodies that you may find to your liking. It’s dangerous to go alone, take on of our items with you. Go to the Menu and click on the page.

Philosophies & Theories

This is a collection of our writing, thoughts straight from our genius and sometimes primitive little minds.

The Case Study of John

The Case Study of John

Introduction: The case study that was selected was the case of John. John for the most part has considered himself successful and prides himself on being able to pay his bills and maintain a job with clout. He has found an identity within his job, which satisfies his lifestyle to the degree that it appears […]

Dreams and the Calamity of Reality – Peter Midnight

Dreams and the Calamity of Reality – Peter Midnight

An Excerpt from Peter Midnight: We dream because the waking world had been tainted by limitation. The world of dreams is called Elafox, while the world of nightmares is named Heliax. Underneath these two worlds is the Deep. Though we won’t dive too far into the story of these worlds at the moment, you must […]

Humanism and what is Beyond the Science of Psychology

Humanism and what is Beyond the Science of Psychology

Humanistic Psychology Humanistic Psychology focuses largely on the human as a whole, taking into consideration every aspect of the person. It focuses on the ideas of human emotional intelligence, the creative aspect of the being, free will and the idea of self actualization, which was heavily studied by both Abraham Maslow and Carl Rogers (Stephen, […]

Introduction to Frameworks

Introduction to Frameworks

Written by: Robert J. Escandon C.Ht., MA This is the 1st part of The Sword, The Armor and the Shield. Introduction According to ancient Greek philosopher Plato, the world is full of frameworks, which he calls forms. Aristotle, student of Plato calls these frameworks, Universal Forms, and states that these forms are a deeply rooted part […]

You’re Never Alone

You’re Never Alone

Turning Loneliness into moments of Self Analysis by: Robert J. Escandon MA, C.Ht. Being alone is a big thing for an individual to think about let alone face. We live in a world where our phones connect us to everything, but at the same time disconnect us from the very things that are most important […]

Culture and Therapy

Culture and Therapy

Characteristics of Counselors and Clients Written by: Robert J. Escandon MA, C.Ht. When dealing with a diverse population, it’s important to take their culture into complete consideration. Our world is simply just not composed from our viewpoint and perspective, rather it is an accumulation of various viewpoints and perspectives. Living in Miami has allowed me […]

Remember when you were a kid and you could fly with just your imagination?

Well, it’s not too far from the truth, you may simply need to be reminded. We can show you how.

Your imagination can “Bend Reality”.

MasterFlow Pilots

Kalan Segal <br> (Philosopher) - Kalan Segal

Teachers come in unlikely forms. Kalan has been the philosopher and teacher of MasterFlow for some time. Having been resurrected now 3 times, Mr. Segal remains as the unlikely teacher that no one asked for, but we’re all glad he’s there. Profound in actions and pretty much always ready to sleep, Mr. Segal is always there to lend a silent ear and silent innovation.

Ashley Escandon <br> (Business Development, Cinematographer) - Ashley Escandon
(Business Development, Cinematographer)

Ashley is MasterFlow’s eye in the sky and CEO. Having years of experience as a film editor, producer and cinematographer, her understanding of human necessity gives her a unique approach in coordinating productions, to not only ensure the smoothest possible delivery of all projects, but finish them with finesse. A photographer at heart, Ashley has worked as cinematographer, editor, sound editor and overall production supervisor for all MasterFlow projects.

Robert J. Escandon MA, C.Ht. <br> (Creative Director, Professor, Therapist) - Robert J. Escandon MA, C.Ht.
(Creative Director, Professor, Therapist)

Robert J. Escandon is a creator at heart and has dedicated his life to the study of the human mind. Author of the newly published books, The White Masque Tales, Who is Peter Midnight and The Adventures of Almier, Professor Escandon spends his time teaching, conducting research, creating film and media content, composing music and a few hundred hours of video games a week with his 3 sons, wife, 3 dogs and a fancy array of madness.

Robert has always related his work to the study of the human mind and the search to better ourselves through communication. He has worked as a therapist for over 17 years, worked in Japan as a filmmaker/business developer and constantly pushes himself to understand more of the world around him, when he’s not completely bored out of his mind. “Trust yourself, because no one else knows you better than you know yourself,” Robert is the founder of MasterFlow.

Daisuke Yano <br> (Executive Producer) - Daisuke Yano
(Executive Producer)

Daisuke is a composer and producer at Kingdom Pictures Japan. Through brotherhood, partnership and a love for films, Daisuke works within the international scope of MasterFlow Films and Kingdom Pictures Japan. Together, all things are possible regardless of what was had for breakfast.