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Who knows you better than you know yourself? You live with yourself 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and about 365 days a year. Remember that you are the expert when it comes down to knowing yourself.
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5 things to Keep a Relationship Healthy

Don’t let misunderstanding ruin your Relationship
by: Robert J. Escandon MA, C.Ht.


Assuming makes you look DUMB. To assume that the other person knows what you’re thinking or knows what you want them to do, is folly and pretty dumb. Even after 15 years or 5 months, a person will never truly know everything about you. Assuming is a form of miscommunication and usually ends up in an argument of some sort. Communication is key to all relationships in life, whether they are of a romantic inclination or any other.


Expectation is another big one. When we expect not only are we putting pressure on the expectation itself, but we’re putting pressure on the person to perform the expectation. Depending on the person, they will come through with expectation or simply not do it out of site or another reason all together. Fact is, the person expecting begins to harbor resentment on an unconscious level, which ultimately builds up and begins to come out in various forms within the relationship. Thus, ruining the relationship!


We would like to think that when we are finally in a relationship that the games we played at the beginning of the relationship are over. But they’re not! Many people begin to become comfortable and let themselves go not just physically, but mentally as well. The trick here is to keep the game going, keep the mysteries and curiosity going. Surprise and curiosity always intrigue humans on a level that brings us back into a playful and not so stressed out existence. It keeps the relationship fresh, it keeps things exciting and there is always something new to learn.


BUILD A BRIDGE because being WRONG is GOOD. There is nothing worse than being right all the time or thinking that you are right all the time. First off, it’s boring. Secondly, our imperfections make us perfect. This is part of life. When we come together with someone else, we have to build a bridge from one person to another. Meeting in the middle, learning from one another and growing from there is what makes being with someone else fun and exciting. This is love in its most practical form. Don’t try to change what is unchangeable, but rather build from there and help each other grow. If you wanted to be alone, you would have stayed alone. Embrace what you are building together by meeting in the middle.


Last but now least, FOLLOW YOUR HEART. In all relationships and all walks of life, there are predisposed paths that are laid out before us. A relationship is organic. To think that it is suppose to go or be a certain way is yet another big misunderstanding that we must face in order to move forward. Build your own road going forward based on your interests and the interests of the person you are with. This makes for a happier and unique experience. There is no handbook on how live life and none for how to handle a relationship properly. You have to FOLLOW YOUR HEART. Your heart brought you to the relationship in the first place and will guide you through it moving forward. This is essential as without, you’ll be lost. Remember your purpose and don’t lose it within the relationship, your partner will thank you for it on the long run.


Hope this helps 😀


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