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Dreams and the Calamity of Reality – Peter Midnight

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An Excerpt from Peter Midnight:

We dream because the waking world had been tainted by limitation.

The world of dreams is called Elafox, while the world of nightmares is named Heliax. Underneath these two worlds is the Deep.

Though we won’t dive too far into the story of these worlds at the moment, you must know that they were named after the legend of the two racing foxes, Elafox and his brother Heliax.

Legend says that the foxes were born running. No one knows exactly how this came about; but, as far as anyone knows, they were always running. For a very long time, they ran in the same direction, keeping the world of dreams peaceful and harmonious, for the most part.

This was the case for quite a while, until one day Heliax tripped over a rock and fell to the floor.

Both foxes stopped, and Heliax accused his brother Elafox of cheating.

Though Elafox denied it, Heliax began to run back home, in the opposite direction. Of course, neither fox knew where home was, nor could it be concluded that they ever had a home to begin with. Heliax however, began another endless run toward a place that he would never find or reach. Elafox, knowing that this would disturb the balance of dreams, began to run faster than ever in order to make up for his brother’s ill-fated decision.

At that moment, the world of dreams split into two, the dream world (Elafox) and the nightmare world (Heliax).

Each was named after one of the foxes, so that each and every night dreamers would know which land they had drifted into.

When they began to run in opposite directions, the Deep sprang to life underneath these two worlds. No one knows exactly why the Deep was created, but this is where all of the world’s mysteries and curiosities slept. It is said that ancient gods slept there. Ironically enough, the foxes still run till this very day.

An additional tidbit of information that you may find interesting is that every 4,000 years the foxes meet mid run and have the chance to stop the other from running. If they were to stop again, for any reason, the world of nightmares would end and only dreams would exist. Elafox, feeling guilt, never tries to stop his brother.

The burden of guilt is heavy upon all who carry it.

But that is yet another story for another time and another place.


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