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“Hypnosis and Transient Global Amnesia”


Written in 2013 😀

I had a very interesting set of hours in which the tests that I underwent were not only heavy but very tricky. My mom was diagnosed with Transient Global Amnesia. TGA is a fluke that can occur to anyone, usually over the age of 50. This condition can happen at any given moment with initial signs of dizziness and confusion. For the most part there is not a traceable reason why this happens other than the usual causes such as stress and tension.

For the most part there is no cure and the effects can last for about 24 to 48 hours on average, with the person gaining their short term memory back hour after hour.

Having experienced this for the first time, I did not know that this was TGA, nor have I ever encountered TGA before. I simply walked into a situation where my mom was experiencing a general disorientation of awareness. I quickly followed with some simple hypnotic techniques used to focus on an object or a feeling. This focus takes away from the disorientation by focusing on a feeling. Usually this feeling would be me applying an acupressure point in the arm very lightly so that pressure or discomfort pours out of the applied pressure point. Little by little I took her into a hypnotic state where she was able to get in touch with the loss of memory.

In an interesting turn of events, the following explanation took place. She suffered a dramatic shock that was so great, she thought she was going to die. In a way, this dying version of herself sent herself into a future tense where that version of herself was much stronger than her current version. From there, a swap took place and her future self was took the place of her dying self. Perhaps a little convoluted so I’ll simplify it below.

1) Weaker Version of herself encounters a shock that kills her.

2) Weaker Version catapults herself into a future time and makes contact with a Greater self as a way of survival.

3) They swap places.

4) Greater self takes the place of the weaker self and is able to handle the trauma and survive.

And after this discovery, the Greater self suffers from disorientation. Rightfully so….traveling from one time line to another is no easy task. Especially swapping one you for another you so to speak.

For the most part, these version upgrades or swaps happen without the person ever being fully aware of the incident. It happens within an unconscious level that is so hidden from the consciousness that we can continue living without ever knowing it took place. I was able to get her into this hypnotic state within minutes and was able to connect with the incident exactly the way the person perceived it. The swap took place as a defense mechanism. One version of herself couldn’t handle the trauma she received and she called out to a future her that could save her.

At that moment within the session (the dive), though she was lucid and clear the disorientation was inevitable and took hold shortly after. Amnesia-tic states are often considered the closest thing to logical time travel that a human will ever experience.    Though I have other perceptions and beliefs on this matter we will stick to the topic at hand. Here is a link to an interesting read on TGA.

Ultimately my session was interrupted by a door slamming over and my father screaming at the top of his lungs very afraid of what was transpiring to my mom.  Understandably so, she snapped out of the trance and entered the normalcy of the amnesiac state.

Little by little her short term memory was returning and she could remember the session. Usually when TGA attacks, the person will not remember the moments of the attack. As if these moments were washed out of their minds forever. However, hypnosis proved to bring out a sense of understanding and clarity during an otherwise chaotic and confusing experience.

She is doing much better even as I write this and thanks me for this moment of clarity.

I thank her back 😀


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