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Who knows you better than you know yourself? You live with yourself 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and about 365 days a year. Remember that you are the expert when it comes down to knowing yourself.
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“One of the most originally insane books I’ve ever read.” – Redford Jones (Lumber Expert)

“A memorable adventure into the darkness of the human mind.” – David Graham (Massage Therapist)

: Robert J. Escandon, C.Ht.

This book is about a man who wants to get all of societies less than admirable people and lock them away. You can’t change the world around you, but you can always change yourself by changing your perspective.



There is no such thing as a problem if one ignores the cause of it. It”s that simple. But ultimately, anyone can make anything into a problem. Say an ant crossing the street, who cares, right? Someone might look at that ant and view it to be prelude to an apocalypse. Dope, is the story of Frankl Horowitz and his established problem with society. The non-definable problem is man itself, the way he is raised, the way he believes and quite frankly, the way he lives is annoying. There is no real solution to this so called problem, it just simply is. We find Frankl Horowitz on the verge of finding the Naza Chamber, the only probable solution to a problem with no solution. Shrouded in secrecy, consumed by the ages and hidden in a secret location only known by two boys, Ring and his twin brother Taro, the Naza Chamber sleeps in the nothingness of wait. Venturing through the bowels of madness, chased by a frantic co-worker and galloping across the fields of Oblivion, Frankl must now confront, perhaps, much worse than he has seen so far.