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Frederick and Simon as told by The Hunter

Posted by on Oct 6, 2016 in Art | No Comments

the-hunterFrederick and Simon as told by The Hunter
written by: Robert J. Escandon


A Dog with two heads begins a run that he has prepared for his entire life. For the most part, the proper reference is to not call it a “he” but to call them, “they”. Perhaps we don’t fully understand why a dog with two heads needs to run, but it does and slowly begins a speed so fast, that the world itself begins to watch. As the world turns, every single thing that can walk, talk and breathe watches the two headed dog run.


It feeds every breath with the wind that has danced around it, it’s entire life.


It is fast and fierce and makes friends with every step.


“Hello!” Says Old Man McArthy from the South Island of of an unknown place.


As they again make another trip around the world, the two headed dog becomes two, Frederick and Simon.


Finally, the one has become two.


Now that the two headed dog has become two, they look at each other oddly. As if looking into a mirror, they detail every look they take of each other. They stop running and begin to talk in order to better understand themselves.


“I’ve seen you all of my life. How have we become separate?” Says Simon.


Frederick, with proper posture responds, “This has been done for us to better understand ourselves.”


“Why?” Asks Simon.


Frederick slowly walks into a field of friendly flowers. “One understands himself better, through other people.”


They both take a moment and drink from the glassy lake.


Frederick continues, “We are reflections.”


Simon takes one last drink and looks at Frederick, “We can’t make things too easy now, can we?”


Simon takes off running faster than he’s ever ran before.


Frederick startled trips and falls before he can get his feet in front of him.


The two continue to run around the world, now with new purpose.


They pass by Old Man McArthy again as he shakes his head, “It is the race that will never end.”


The two dogs, continued to run forever. In fact, some say they are still running around the world today, trying to understand each other.


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