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The Koala Spreads


Many times, in almost any other dimension other than the ones we are meant to thrive in, we are, for the most part, extending and overlapping into worlds that are unknown to us. How we do this and why, is simply unknown to the logical explanation. However, allow me to point out that it doesn’t really matter.

Why doesn’t it matter?

Because it simply doesn’t.

I’ll continue with the following. …

At a party, that can only be seen as a chaotic beat of madness, people dancing and having a so called great time. No one cares and inhibitions are as low as they’ll get. At that moment, party favors are passed around and the entire party is seemingly unaffected by the “scary things” that go bump in the night. Outside the lavish party, we find people dancing, laughing and frolicking about. The not so big pool is surrounded by 6 men, dressed in black cloaks, each holding a large wooden staff that they use to stir the water back and forth. One of these gentle gentlemen pours a sort of salt into the water. It mixes almost undetectable to the lame eye. However, I notice it. I see it and I also see their faces as they look at me. Something about it tells me that whatever they are doing shouldn’t be done.

Drunk enough to carry a dispersed sense of self, I push the salt pouring gentleman into the water. He begins to melt into the pool almost instantly. This moment, which I can only refer to as Circumstance B, triggers a sort of frenzy that ignites everyone around it. The party goers, the black cloak wearing guys all begin to run around, screaming and killing each other. I stand amazed, disgusted and completely confused. As this happens, as if orchestrated from the Gods that long ago abandoned us, meteors from the sky begin to fall down. They begin to destroy and peel the earth of all life upon it.

I stand still. I can’t move. But somehow I feel completely safe as everyone around me slowly disappears. Rubbed out by rocks from the sky.


After all is said and done, the calamity ceases to exist and some sort of weird calmness is found in the eyes of a lone Koala Bear.


The Koala, looks at me deeply as a rolls up, placing his face between his bottom legs. Don’t ask me how this is possible, I suppose animals are much more flexible than humans.

Regardless, this is how he does it. He rolls up, places his face between his lower legs and looks at me.

He smiles and says, “Funny that your dream would end like this.”


The End.

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